About Us

Tammy Thomas
Director and Chief Sonographer

Tammy graduated from Central Ohio Technical College in 1996 and began her career at Doctors Hospital North and West in Columbus, Ohio. After traveling around the country for years as a traveling sonographer, she settled in Maine in 2003 to begin growing her family of three amazing children, two sweet australian shepherds, and her loving husband. She has worked at several local hospitals and is registered in General, Obstetrical, Gynecological, Small Parts, and Vascular Ultrasound. She loves hiking, biking, and kayaking in Maine and feels fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. She finds the human body an amazing machine and looking inside it a gift. Her love of ultrasound has driven her to open Indigo Diagnostic Imaging. To offer affordable, quality ultrasounds to family, Friends, and friends of friends, (that pretty much covers everyone in Maine).

Tim Thomas
Director of Finance & Marketing

Tim graduated from The Ohio State University in 1983, with a B.S. degree in Marketing. He has worked for several West Coast banks in Construction Lending, along with ventures in Construction, Real Estate and Retailing. He has been a Real Estate Broker and Property Manager for the last 14 years.

Kilie Young

With over 16 years of experience, Kilie Young is a diagnostic medical sonographer with a passion for growing technology. After an associates degree in medical radiography at Eastern Maine College, Kilie continued her education at New Hampshire Technical Institute where she graduated in diagnostic medical sonography. Holding registries in obstetrical, gynecological, abdomen & small parts, Kilie also obtained a certificate of competence in first trimester screening ultrasound. From 2003-2014, Kilie advanced her experience working in a busy ultrasound department, breast center and high risk OB facility. With most of her years of experience spent in Southern Maine, she also has prior work experience at St. Josephs Hospital in Bangor and Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital in Manchester, NH where follicular studies, high risk OB and general sonography added to her growing career.

Aside from her work, Kilie enjoys gardening, baking and most importantly being active with her two cookie loving kids. Kilie believes the road to success is a positive attitude. Whether its managing a busy work day or a busy family schedule, anything is achievable.